Specialized Training and Education

TTA has an extensive track-record in renewable energies, particularly in micro grids (100% or hybrid with other non renewable sources) and energy efficiency, which enables it to share its knowledge and practical experience in workshops, seminars, courses and conferences  at an advanced level around the world.

TTA supports various international and governmental entities and organizations in this field, in order to encourage the best practices, at technical level as well as with respect to transversal aspects aiming at sustainability - social | institutional | regulatory | economical | financial.

Besides, within the context of its projects, TTA gives special importance to training and capacity building of users, as well as, technical and administrative personnel for operation and maintenance of microgrids. TTA considers essential the development of skills aimed at local level which contributes to increase efficiency and encourage growth and empowerment of people, communities and institutions.

“The importance and recognition that energy sustainability has acquired in the context of the current political and financial crisis, and the consensus around nuclear (in) security, call for the promotion of spaces for debate and the careful exploration of viable solutions within our society; in this space, helping to train present and future professionals is for TTA an exciting and vital contribution.”


Training paths on innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic Technology (BIPV) technology in Catalonia Region


ASCAME | Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) launched the training paths focused on innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic Technology (BIPV) tin Catalonia Region. The activity was organized in the framework of the European project Foster in MED, funded by the EU ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The three 30-hour training on photovoltaic plants was given by TTA’s experts to a group of over 80, including engineers, architects, installers and students. TTA and Solartys were selected to carry out this activity that took place from the 4th to 15th of April 2016 at the Salesians Sarrià in Barcelona. The last day of training was dedicated to an out-door visit in a PV Plant in la Fàbrica del Sol in Barcelona. The course contents were based on the document "Guidelines on building integration of photovoltaic in the Mediterranean area", drafted by a team of project experts from Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Lebanon and Jordan ( free to download on www.fosterinmed.eu ). The courses aimed at the acquisition of specific skills in architectural, aesthetic and functional PV building integration, which allows the professionals in solar energy sector to exploit new opportunities on the market, taking into account the regulatory framework, the financial and economic incentives and the innovative technical solutions on the market. ASCAME's main mission is to promote cooperation between the Northern and Southern of the Mediterranean, the regional integration, especially through the consolidation of the SMEs, promoting key sectors such as solar photovoltaic energy.

Training course on Energy Planning and Renewable Energy based Mini-grids Management


ECREEE / ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

TTA coordinated the logistics and carried out this 3-day hands-on training under ECREEE to enhance the understanding of public and private stakeholders on the potential of rural mini-grids. It was done within the framework of UNIDO’s project ”Promoting Renewable Energy based on mini-grids for rural electrification and productive uses in Chad”. Sessions covered the various processes of a sustainable and reliable mini-grid: from understanding the particularities of each case (load profile, area accessibility, etc.) to the design of a corrective and preventive O&M plan.

The training program included 2-day sessions in N’Djamena and 1-day for an on-site technical visit to Douguia, a rural community, to acquaint the participants with a micro-grid in operation. All sessions and the material provided were in French. A wide range of lectures given included the following aspects:

  • Theoretical background on RE mini-grids
  • Energy efficiency strategies (e.g. demand side management)
  • Assessment of basic inputs: energy demand and renewable source potential (including practical exercise)
  • Preliminary techno-economic design of mini-grids
  • Sizing
  • Policy and investment strategies for successful implementation.

AFRETEP 1st Regional Workshop on “Sustainable Rural Electrification”


European Commission / JRC | Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy

The aim of this contract was to provide support to the work of JRC related to the preparation of this AFRETEP training one-week workshop in Uganda held in October.
The workshop was part of the project titled "Scientific and Technical Support to Sustainable Energy Development in Africa: rural electrification, renewable energy and communication". The overall objective of the project is to contribute to understand the potential for renewable energy options in Africa for increased access to electrification in rural areas. Capacity building forms an important part of the project.
Besides participating and providing support in preparing the workshop, TTA’s Director was also Lecturer for a full day’s training session “Sustainable Rural Electrification: Social, economic and technological issues in implementing of RE distributed electricity generation in Africa”, covering several topics and aspects under two main subjects:

a) Cost sharing and metering: setting up a sustainable financial scheme and local acceptance for micro grids

b) Embedding PV generation in grid connected public applications where reliability of the grid is low.

Advanced seminar on Rural Electrification and Micro Electric Grids for Hybrid Solar Generation


AECID | Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo

In the framework of the Azahar Programme, a cooperation programme for the development in the Mediterranean region in terms of sustainable development, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

TTA was responsible for organizing the seminar in collaboration with FEUGA, UVIGO and ADL (local development association of Chefchaouen). This seminar is part of the pilot project included in the project Azaghar CRESMED. the objectives were:
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge fro Spanish solar hybrid micro-grids Management models (SHG).
  • Diffusion of the lessons learned from other cooperation projects performed in different countries – some in the Mediterranean, showing the capacity of the SHG to be adapted to any environment within a rural context and generating the appropriate productive activities to local characteristics.
  • Knowledge of priorities and barriers for rural electrification in Morocco and identification of the key actors and potential of SHG to solve some of the Moroccan infrastructure lacks, thorough defining a rural electrification programme for Morocco.
The seminar included the visit to the village of Akane, a rural electrification project of TTA that is currently in use.
TTA has prepared the content of the seminar and was responsible for its organization and logistical aspects. Three members were lecturers.

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