Monte Trigo’s PV Microgrid, “SESAM-ER”, celebrates its 5th year of operation, Cape Verde, February 2017

This first rural PV micro-grid in Cape Verde has been running well, continuously and efficiently since its commissioning in 2012 and its expansion in 2014.   TTA was involved in all the project phases and led all the technical activities from the preliminary studies and design to start-up and commissioning as well as activities of dissemination at national and international levels.

The SESAM-ER Project carried out under the ACP-EU Energy Facility programme was led by Aguas de Porta Preta” (APP) in consortium with the local municipal institution “Câmara Municipal de Porto Novo”, CMPN and other partners.

2-year Operation: 100% RE | 55,6MWh Clean Energy | Reduction of: 16.299 L of gasoil & 49 Ton CO2 emissions

5-year Operation:  100% RE | 169MWh Solar Electricity | Reduction of:  49.465 L of diesel & 148 Ton of CO2 emissions

More info: ALER (Associação Lusófona das Energias Renováveis)

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