New International Conference “Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini Grids to improve Energy Access”, Germany, September 21-23, 2016

Xavier Vallvé of Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA) will act as Co-chairman of this upcoming event, together with Werner Weiss of AEE-Institute for Sustainable Technologies of Austria, organized by OTTI. New, because this Conference on “Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini Grids to improve Energy Access” brings together into one, the three successful conferences that have been held in the last several years:

 PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids (7 editions)

Small PV Applications on for Rural Electrification (4 editions)

Solar Technology for Development Cooperation (one edition)

This Conference to be held in Metropolitan Frankfurt seeks to contribute in responding to the huge challenge of energy access by determining firm actions to reach sustainable energy for all.

 -  To consolidate the knowledge around solutions that have proven to work and their enabling factors

-  To present different models of financing, business models and technologies that enable the fast uptake of such solutions and

-  To provide new roads for research and innovation.

 TTA is keen to meet the participants to share experiences, synergies and commitment which is what will make the difference in the World of Energy Access.

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