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Global consulting and engineering company with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Since its founding in 1986, fully committed to a sustainable energy development, TTA has been providing specialized services in distributed generation through renewable energies, energy management and efficiency, rural electrification,  self-generation, integration of renewables in buildings, sustainable architecture, as well as, specialized training, education and technological development related to its activities.

TTA has been pioneer of renewable energy-based microgrids, 100% and/or hybrid, both in concept development, design and engineering, as well as deployment and dissemination. With vision and an approach keys to sustainability, TTA also covers transversal aspects –institutional, social, economic and financial. Its active participation in international scientific organizations has enabled TTA not only to be up-to-date in knowledge, but to contribute to the scientific and technological advance in this sector. Thus, at the forefront in a sector that has been called to respond to a growing demand and the challenge of climatic change.


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