Support to the assessment of ten mini grids to improve access to water, energy, and telecommunications needs and support productive uses in South Suriname, December 2022

This technical assistance consists of supporting the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNH), the Ministry of Regional Development and Sports (MROS), and Energie Bedrijven Suriname (EBS) through a technical collaboration with the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) in the screening, energy, water, and telecommunications demand assessment and the technical design of mini-grids for the provision of energy services in ten communities in South Suriname. The project will address energy, water, and telecommunications access in a complimentary approach, in particular to potentiate productive uses of energy. The Team is led by TTA with local collaboration from VIDS and ACT-Suriname to support the community engagement process. As well, ILACO has been subcontracted to conduct the water access assessment and potential technical solutions. The project is being implemented in and for the indigenous communities of Kwamalasamutu, Apetina, Palumeu, Pelelutepoe, Kumakapan, Kawamhakan, Sipaliwini, Alalapadu, Amatopo and Coeroeni.

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